Franchise Tintan Furniture and enjoy seven major supports


Tintan Furniture takes channel construction as the core, implements channel flattening strategy and establishes diversified marketing network. At present, it has set up branches and subsidiaries in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Foshan and Xi'an, whose products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and other regions. In the aspects of product sales, brand promotion, service guarantee and logistics support, Tintan Furniture has formed a set of fast response and efficient marketing system, which provides customers with perfect products and service solutions. At the same time, Tintan Furniture combines the international advanced marketing idea with the local marketing environment, and forms the unique innovative marketing mode of Tintan Furniture.

Request for franchise

To fully recognize the brand value concept of Tintan Furniture, strictly implement the franchise policy of Tintan Furniture brand, and obey the unified management of the Company headquarters;
Having a good reputation, and having a better sales channel and strong capabilities of sales, storefront management and operation;
Having a good property relationship, especially the Easyhome, Red Star Macalline and other chain properties;
Being possessed of sales experience in civil furniture products or regional marketing;
Having the site resources of A + or A-category furniture stores after the inspection of the Company;


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