Shi Haidong Studio

Shi Haidong Studio was established in July, 2017 by the senior designer Shi Haidong of Tintan Furniture as the design director. Shi Haidong Studio mainly serves the company brand, is committed to promoting the design end of the school-enterprise alliance, as well as the exchanges of industry designers. The studio develops personalized and forward-looking products, as well as products suitable for online sales, through the implantation of new materials and new concepts. At the same time, it is a high-end customized brand of Tintan Furniture, tailored for high-end customers, providing one-to-one personal design steward service throughout the entire process, and it has good reputation and gets the high recognition from customers.


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Shunyi golden land Central Villa Bookcase

Shunyi golden land Central Villa Cloakroom

Railway Construction International City

Railway Construction International City

Wanliu Academy


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