With customizing furniture for several state-level special major projects, Tintan Furniture has begun to pay attention to the furniture for the elderly and research on it.
Tintan Furniture has the courage to undertake social responsibility, actively respond to the government call. In 2014, the Company set up a research and development team on furniture for the elderly, specializing in the design and R & D of the furniture for the elderly. Over the past three years, the Peace and Warmth, Missing and Remembering, Observe Emotion and Love, Tuscany solid wood and wooden board series furniture which are designed, researched and developed by it can avoid violence and be suitable for the elderly in the use and function. While it facilitates the use of the elderly, it maintains the utmost of the elderly’s self-esteem, making the elderly enjoy high-quality life in their later years.
In 2016, Tintan Furniture launched a smart home living space for the elderly, combining the technology of Iot with the furniture for the elderly, improving the grade and quality of the home living for the elderly, and making the concerned life of parents whose sons or daughters are living in different places become the audible, visible, knowable and controlling big data, which makes better guarantee of the elderly’s health. At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, Tintan Furniture suitable for the elderly has developed different grades furniture for the elderly.
In 2017, Tintan Furniture established the studio of Shusheng for the elderly, and now it makes the more deep and professional research and design on the furniture and space which is suitable for the elderly. The studio was named aftern Zhang Shusheng, the leader of the research and development of furniture suitable for the elderly, aims at the purpose of providing special suitable furniture and services for the elderly, and targets the aim of developing Tintan Furniture suitable for the elderly as the first brand in its industry.


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