doors and windows

BBMG Tintan Furniture Co., Ltd. is the representative of professional furniture enterprises with rich product types, diversified business types and complete industrial chain, which specially sets up door and window business plate. It includes European high-end aluminum wooden door and window brand "Alavus" and wooden door industry leading brand "BBMG Beimu", which jointly construct the unique core competitiveness system of Tintan Furniture in the field of doors and windows.

In 2011, China and Finland jointly invested 160 million RMB to build the annual production line of 200,000 square meters of Alavus high-grade aluminum wooden doors and windows in BBMG Industrial Park in Dachang of Hebei Province. The production line adopts the modern production line processing mode, and the complete set of imported German advanced equipment. And it has become one of the largest aluminum wooden window manufacturers in China at present.

In 2017, BBMG Tintan Furniture Co., Ltd. re-established the "BBMG Beimu" brand, with a brand-new posture to return to the public vision. The wooden door production line was settled in BBMG Industrial Park of Dachang, with solid wooden composite door as the main operation market.

Relying on the strong advantages of BBMG, doors and windows direction of Tintan Furniture has vigorously carried out civil and engineering business, providing door and window and solid packaging services to various customers such as party and government offices, central enterprise group, 5a-grade office buildings, five-star hotels, universities, grade 3 and first-class hospitals, professional cinemas, lecture halls, and state-level stadiums, etc., which received high praise from all walks of life.
In that future, Tintan Furniture will further improve the business direction of door and window, actively promote technological innovation, improve the quality of door and window products, and strive to provide high-quality service for more customer.